The big Chicago April snowstorm of 1970

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Dear Tom,
Recently you wrote about a big snowstorm on April 1-2, 1970. I believe you had the year wrong as I’m certain it occurred in 1975. I had to walk four blocks in a blinding snowstorm.

—David Wechsler Glenview
Dear David,
We’re not wrong and you’re also right. We just got April fooled again. The 1970 storm we wrote about totaled 10.7 inches, was accompanied by thunder and lightning and 52 mph wind gusts, and came just one week after a 14.3 inch snowstorm on March 25-26.
The 1975 storm occurred on April 2-3 and officially produced 9.8 inches at Midway Airport, but more than a foot fell in the north and northwest suburbs. That storm began as overnight rain and sleet, but changed to heavy wet snow during the morning of April 2. Travel became impossible forcing the airports to close. Eight people died from heart attacks after shoveling the heavy, wet snow.

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