Spring-like day in Chicago but temps to crash tonight

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It’s truly springlike over much of the Chicago area Wednesday!

Temperature readings near 60 degrees make it Chicago’s warmest day of 2021 to date!

But big changes are looming.

Temps are to crash in just hours as a southbound cold front shifts winds  off Lake Michigan waters.

A wind-shifting cold front will send temps into a rapid downward spiral as Wed afternoon and evening proceed.

Wed 4pm

Check out model temps as predicted for O’hHare (Note: Lakeshore areas will reach the 30s far sooner. In fact, a localized on shore (i.e. “easterly”) lake breeze is already holding shoreline temps to the low nd mid 40s. As better organized “NE” winds arrive, temps will drop into the 30s)…

  • 3pm 58
  • 4pm 56
  • 5pm 52
  • 6pm 44
  • 7pm 38
  • 8pm 36
Wed 8pm

But more warmer weather ahead

2021’s warmest highs in the 60s are coming the opening half of next week

With 10 days without significant precip under our belts–and from all indications another seven days for that trend to continue, we’ve enjoyed quite a break from the arctic cold and spate of snowy days which swept the area last month.

LaNina’s history of active weather

LaNina springs have a history of active weather over a swath of the nation’s mid=section and we are getting indications off our models of a whole series of windy spring storm systems coming onto the scene beginning next Wednesday. There are three such storms currently indicated by recent runs of the NWS GFS model.

The one which hits next week–and it may be true of those which follow if current forecast trends verify–could bring thunderstorms into the area.

And while we’re in a period of the year in which overall temps increase, we’re still not out of the woods in terms of snow possibilities. While a particular snow producing system isn’t yet in view, we watch active patterns carefully in the event one shows up.

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