What a day! Temps surged to June levels today reaching 78 at O’Hare—which equals the “normal” temp a month from now (on June 7-8). It was the warmest official temp in the city in 15 days!

Today’s warm temps were effectively equivalent to those we’d see a month from now.

The 70+/- degree temps Friday marked the 10th time in 2023 at O’Hare we’ve managed a reading topping 70. The reading was 11-deg above normal.

Temps were cooler on the lakeshore—having only made it to 52 at Waukegan Harbor versus a few 80-deg highs well inland. That amounts to a near 30 degree temp spread across the area—though warmth prevailed over most of the area. The same east/west spread in temps is likely Saturday with cooler temps on the immediate shoreline than over inland areas. Southwest winds will pump temps up—-even at the lakefront Sunday—some some late day lakeside cooling could occur then.

Chicago is on the way to its warmest weekend of 2023 and a potential record-tying high temp on Sunday—a weekend which could see temps Sunday soar to 87-deg Sunday—the warmest city temp in more than 8 months since Sept. 1.

The coming weekend is to average an eye-opening 25-deg warmer than last and 32-deg warmer than the weekend before. It will be like instant summer here—though Lake Michigan water temps remain very low—threatening hypothermia for anyone who spends any amount of time in the water without a wet suit. Early season swimming can be dangerous!

Temps return to the 70s Saturday with dew points, a measure of atmospheric moisture, surging to the mid 50s by evening and into the 60s overnight Sunday night. Humid air like that hangs on to heat—so Chicago’s low temp Saturday night/Sunday morning is likely to come in around 67-deg which would make it the warmest nighttime temp here since last Sept 4th.

\With increasing moisture comes the chance of scattered showers & possible t-storms impacting 30 to 50% of the area tonight—and potentially thundery showers could impact as much as 50 to 60% of the Chicago area Saturday night—scattering to allow a number of rain-free hours Sunday.

Shower and t-storm coverage is likely to increase again Sunday night and Monday, with rains sweeping the area in several waves and hold temps Monday as much as 10 to 15 degrees lower Monday than on Sunday—though still warm.

A cold front swings through and brings several days of northeast winds into the area in its wake Tuesday and Wednesday. The cooling will be most pronounced along Lake Michigan.

But modeling points to a rebound in readings again Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week with readings likely straddling 80-deg Friday and Saturday.

Despite to downturn Tuesday & Wed, indications are temps will average above normal the vast majority of days over the coming 2 weeks.

Temps this week are likely to finish close to normal for the week—but will surge close to 11 degrees above normal next week and 3 degrees above normal in the week which follows.


TONIGHT: Clouds dominate, milder. A period of showers and possible t-storms may occur in Saturday’s pre-dawn hour impacting as much as 30 to 50% of the area. Low ow 55—lower in some shoreline locations north of the city.

SATURDAY: Cloud breaks permit peeks of sun, warm and becoming fairly windy. Spotty showers or t-storms possible—but isolated, impacting perhaps 20 to 30% of the area—mainly early. High 77—but 60s immediate shoreline.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Increasing prospects for showers and t-storms. Higher humidities move in. Up to 60% of the area may have seen rain by the time Sunday morning arrives. Warmer. Low 64.

SUNDAY: Becoming partly sunny, unseasonably warm and humid with the summerlike temps and the highest readings since Sept 1. A record typing 87-deg high is possible. The chance of an isolated t-storm.

SUNDAY NIGHT & MONDAY: Cloudy spells, warm and humid for the season. Some clusters of showers and t-storms impacting 40 to 50% of the area at any given time. Low Sunday night 65. High Monday 76—but lowering along Lake Michigan.

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy, not as warm—especially along Lake Michigan. Highs 69 Tuesday and 68 Wednesday—but more like low 60s lakeshore,

THURSDAY & FRIDAY: Partly cloudy with warming temps and rising humidities. A few t-storms possible Friday. High Thursday 76—modestly lower along Lake Michigan. High Friday 79.