Skilling: A look and analysis of storms that made landfall this year

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AON Insurance’s Steve Bowen has a great analysis of the 10 named storms which have made landfall in the Lower 48 in 2020.

Bowen notes that despite this season’s torrid pace of storm formation and the record early dates each of these storms have formed, the fact that 2020’s storms–though devastating in the areas they’ve impacted–have made landfall in lower populated areas has limited damages recorded in past active years.

Damage and losses due to disruption of economic activity reports Bowen, has amounted to an estimated $20-billion this year–a figure dwarfed by the losses in the peak years in 2005 ($217B) or 2017 ($173B).

With Hurricane Delta now and books, its remnants making their way back over the Atlantic after a weekend of drenching rains and tornadoes across sections of the Southeast, it’s interesting to see the sediment its huge waves churned up in Gulf water as viewed by satellite.

Scott Bachmeier, researcher and analyst at CIMSS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison posts this animation which toggles from a pre-storm satellite image of northern Gulf Coast waters to a post-Hurricane Delta image showing the vast expanse of the sediment-filled waters in the wake of Hurricane Delta.

Tropical forecasters are monitoring an area of disturbed weather given a 30% chance of tropical development in coming days by the National Hurricane Center. The 2020 hurricane season isn’t over and formally runs through November 30th–though tropical systems have occurred in some years beyond Nov. 30th.

Here’s the latest CIRA-CIMSS GOES-East weather satellite animation of the tropical Atlantic basin.


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