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Severe Weather Updates

Chicago Lincoln Square Wind gust of 85 mph at 3:57 pm

Plainfield 84 mph wind gust at 3:32 pm

Chicago- Roof blown off a building Addison and Lake Shore Drive at 3:57 pm

Morris- Golf ball size hail at 3:30 pm

New Lenox- hundreds of trees damaged and uprooted along Cedar Road and Joliet Highway

Valparaiso Semi blown over at 4:41 pm

Cedar Point in LaSalle County Wind gusts to 91 mph at 2:40 pm

Midway Airport ASOS Wind gust to 73 mph at 3:55 pm

Kankakee -Trees uprooted across the entire county around 3:53 pm

Chicago-Widespread tree damage in Wrigleyville, Roscoe Village, Logan Square, and Lincoln Square

Kouts, IN Winds to 70 mph at 4:39 pm

Lee in DeKalb County winds to 75 mph at 2:53 pm

Crescent City Large trees and power lines down at 4:00 pm

Elmhurst -Wind gusts to 57 mph at 4:25 pm

Lombard- 4-5 block area of widespread tree damage , trees broken and snapped at 3:40 pm

Chicago Heights- 45-foot tree downed at 4:02 pm

Oak Lawn- Large tree down 3:59 pm

Evanston- Numerous trees snapped and uprooted at 4:03 pm

Kouts, IN Gusts to 70 mph at 4:39 pm

Wheaton- Damage to roof of Wheaton College church at 3:36 pm

Phone poles down in Newton County IN from Morocco to Iroquois River

Aurora- 10-inch diameter tree at 3:20 pm

Wheaton six-inch diameter tree down at 3:34 pm

Channahon 57 mph wind gust at 4:00 pm

Mokena wind gust to 65 mph at 3:48 pm small trees down

Winfield 60 mph wind gust at 4:29 pm

Villa Park- 12 inch diameter tree down on house 3:36 pm

Lockport 58 mph wind gust at 3:39 pm

Bolingbrook- large limbs and trees down at 3:39 pm

New Lenox Trees uprooted st 3:39 pm

Maple Park Multiple trees and power lines down, many large trees and fences down- occurred about 3:10 pm

Chicago – Structural damage near 18th and Canalport at 4:00 pm

Danforth Overturned semi on I-57 near mile marker 287 at 3:50 pm

DuPage County- Wayne- tree down, West Chicago DuPage County Airport tree down on car

St. Charles Near Timbers Trail and Rt. 31 14 inch diameter tree split in half dropping power lines to the ground

Carpentersville -Numerous 6-inch tree limbs down , many trees uprooted

Rockford area at least 150 power poles down across the city

Portage IN Strip mall lost roof from high winds

Sugar Grove 18-inch diamter oak tree down at 4:05 pm

St. Anne Tree down

Chicago- Logan Square Tree blocking intersection of Kedzie and Logan Blvd

Cedar Lake IN 6-inch diameter tree down

Roselle -Large limbs down at 3:40 pm

Newton County IN Power lines down Wind gusts to 66 mph at Kentland at 4:23 pm

Thorton- Wind gusts to 60 mph at 4:08 pm

Glencoe Nickel size hail at 3:50 pm

Rogers Park in Chicago 70 mph wind gusts 4:125 pm some tree and branch damage

Cicero- Tree damage 4:09 pm

Naperville- Wind gusts to 60 mph at 4:23 pm

Oak Brook Wind damage small branches down Gusts to 50 mph at 3:40 pm

Rockford- Widespread tree damage at 2:45 pm – large branches and trees snapped

Midway 65 mph at 3:55 pm

O’Hare 62 mph wind gust at 3:49 pm

Ottawa large tree down, power lines down, large shed destroyed at 3:04 pm

Villa Park large tree down 3:52 pm

Manhattan- 70 mph wind gusts at 3:45 pm

Roselle 75 mph wind gust at 3:43 pm

Large trees damaged St. Charles

New Lenox- Trees bent at 75-degree angle by 50 mph+ winds at 3:45 pm

Plainfield- Large trees down , power5 out at 3:45 pm

Glen Ellyn 1 inch diameter hail at 3:43 pm

Park Forest- Wind gusts to 72 mph around 4:00 pm

Lakemoor- Trees down, power out large 8-10 inch diameter limbs up to 20 feet long down

Shorewood– Wind gusts approaching 90 mph- power out at 3:35 pm, trees down power poles bent

St. Charles- Wind gusts to 65 mph at 3:30 pm

Morris- Wind gusts tro 59 mph at 3:35 pm

DuPage- West Chicago Airport- 62 mph wind gust at 3:38 pm


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