Remembering the March 1940 snowstorm

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Dear Tom,
Is an old family story true that my older brother, who now lives in Ohio, was born in a snowstorm on March 21, 1940, the first day of spring?
Tom Caruso, Buffalo Grove
Dear Tom,
Not quite. The precise truth is that he was born during a snowstorm on the second day of spring. In 1940, the vernal equinox occurred on March 20 and the city did receive 1.3 inches of snow that day. Coupled with the 2.4 inches that fell on March 21, the day of your brother’s birth, the total snowfall for the spring snowstorm was 3.7 inches and a fresh three inches of snow covered the ground. In the wake of the snow, the weather stayed quite cold for about a week, but March 1940 exited on a warm note with temperatures soaring into the 60s by the end of the month, including a balmy 69-degree high on March 30.


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