Dear Tom,

I remember a big snowstorm happening sometime in April or May of 1974 that shut down the city. Do you have a record of this storm?

Sheila J. Anderson

Dear Sheila,

We certainly do; only the storm was in 1975, on April 2-3, to be precise. The snowstorm produced 9.8 inches of snow and ranks as one of the city’s heaviest late-season snowstorms. The snow was heavier in the north and northwest suburbs, where totals exceeded 1 foot. After a night of rain and sleet, the precipitation changed to snow on April 2. With temperatures hovering near freezing and 30 mph-plus northeast winds piling the snow into huge drifts, the expressways were quickly clogged, forcing many motorists to abandon their cars. The storm shut down O’Hare, stranding thousands of travelers. At least eight people died of heart attacks brought on by shoveling the heavy, slushy snow.