Recent lack of thunderstorms

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Dear Tom,
Why haven’t there been any thunderstorms around this season?
—Jess Priester, Arlington Hts.

Dear Jess,
There are many reasons for this year’s absence of thunder, the main one being the lack of precipitation. Most of the rain, that has occurred, has been associated with cool-weather regimes, hence a lack of high-dew point air, a major ingredient for thunderstorm formation. Additionally, the active jet stream, another thunderstorm trigger, has been positioned across the southern states for much of the spring. The plus side of no thunderstorms, has been the total absence of severe weather here. The year’s first thunderstorm episode did occur early Wednesday morning, bringing the city its first official thunderstorm of the year, the latest on record by more than three weeks, and the first thunderstorm in a record 192 days since November 14, 2020.

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