Monday into Tuesday set-up

  • Heavy snow north and west of low pressure center track;
  • Severe storms/heavy rain south and east of low pressure center track.
  • Low pressure moves NE out of Texas Panhandle and deepens as it moves through Iowa Tuesday into Lake Huron Wednesday – strong southerly winds will pull warm moisture-laden air up the Mississippi River Valley into portions of the Midwest, Lower Ohio River Valley.
  • Severe storms to develop Monday-Monday night over portions of TX, LA, AK, OK, TN, MS – shifting east later Tuesday into Wednesday.
  • Band of heavy snow will lay out from Colorado/Wyoming (1 to 3-feet in higher elevations) and anywhere from 6 to 12-inches from Nebraska and South Dakota into Minnesota – Ice storm likely NW Iowa into southern Minnesota
  • Heavy rains overlay the severe storm outlook area into Kentucky and the lower Ohio River Valley – the light green-shaded area depicts a general area of widely scattered t-storms and .5 to 1.5-inch rainfall.
  • Chicago can expect a few t-storms with moderate to locally heavy rains – rainfall totals 0.5-inch north to 1.5-inch south Monday night.

Warmth and rain on tap for Chicago


  • Strong 120 mph SW jet aloft to our west moving slowly east
  • Strong SW low-level jet shifting just to east of our area
  • Cool air spreading over Rockies/northern Plains
  • Cold front will move through Chicago later Tuesday, preceded by record-warm air and followed by colder air/snow showers later Wednesday/Thursday
  • Chicago in “warm Sector” of low pressure system –
  • Low pressure center in eastern Iowa with warm front through southern Wisconsin/Lower Michigan and cold front along and west of the Mississippi River Valley.
  • Warm/mild moist air surges north out of Gulf of Mexico
  • Record high 60s forecast for northern Illinois
  • Snow/cold to our north and west
  • Warmth/Severe storms/heaviest rains far south