Chances of showers return to the forecast overnight Sunday and into Monday and lingering into early Tuesday

Sunday will start out clear and sunny and then we’ll start to see clouds build in by midday. A Surface low is preparing to move in as we head into the day Sunday and Monday. As it approaches on Sunday that’s just going to push in a lot of cloud coverage, and then we will see those showers and t-storms move in overnight Sunday and into Monday. It looks like the bulk of that system will move through throughout the day on Monday with the possibility of some thunderstorms as well.

Even a strong El Niño isn’t a guarantee those exact scenarios will play out, NOAA warns:

“‘Associated with’ doesn’t mean that all of these impacts happen during every El Niño episode. However, they happen more often during El Niño than you’d expect by chance, and many of them have occurred during many El Niño events”