Monday’s set up is very similar to Sunday’s. We’ll find ourselves stuck in the trough in the jet stream that will lead to more chilly temperatures. Strong WNW winds will wrap around the low and gust up to 40 mph during the day. Waves of energy also wrapping around the backside of the low will also be responsible for more widespread light showers. Once again, there’s the potential for some snow in the morning and some graupel as well, even into the afternoon.  The low will still be influencing Tuesday’s weather with plenty of clouds, breezy NW winds and the potential for spotty to widely scattered showers.  At we’ll we see warmer weather as the week progresses.

A big shift in the weather pattern appears to be on the way in the 6-10 day and 8-14 outlook.  An upper-level ridge building into the center of the country and eventually the Midwest is expected to push temperatures above average.  Next Sunday is currently forecast to be warmer than average and that warmth is likely to continue into a good portion of the following week.  If we string together 5 warmer than average days, it would be the first time we’ve done that since April 11-15.  So prolonged warmth would certainly be welcomed.