Pleasantly mild weather in the southern portion of Greenland

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Dear Tom,

In July, my family and I took a sea cruise around the southern portion of Greenland and were amazed at how pleasantly mild the weather was.

Jefferson Millecraft,

Dear Jefferson,

That being the case, you will probably not be surprised to learn, in addition, that this July was the warmest month ever recorded since record keeping began in 1880 (139 years ago). And then, on the first day of August, the Greenland ice sheet lost 12.5 billion tons of ice due to melting during the 24-hour period, the greatest one-day loss of ice there, ever. Precise satellite measurements of snow and ice surfaces were used to make the determination.

These are just two examples of the changes that are occurring on our planet as a result of the ongoing phenomenon of global warming. The seriousness of global warming is a grossly underestimated problem.


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