Current forecasts suggest 3 separate storm systems will impact much of the nation over the next 7 days. Satellite imagery late Monday showed a complex system with a main center over southern Canada, near Winnipeg, MB. Another disturbance moving across the northern Rockies will energize a second storm center over Kansas by early Tuesday. This feature is to reach the upper Midwest by Tuesday evening sweeping very mild south winds across Chicago that may gust to 40 mph at times. To the south, an outbreak of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes is forecast across the lower Mississippi valley. Showers may precede a sharp drop in temps across the metro area as a cold front passes Tuesday evening. Following a blustery, cold Wednesday, relative tranquility is expected to settle across the Midwest. Temps are to make a quick rebound Friday as SSW winds again gust to 40+ mph while storm #2 reaches the upper Midwest. Colder air is to follow as winds turn NW late Friday night. Yet a third storm is slated to develop Monday into Tuesday of next week. At present, this system is expected to bring rain to our area, but its forecast track will need to be monitored in the coming days.