Dear Tom,

On average, which site gets more snow each season, O’Hare or Midway?

Joe Gilleran Palatine

Dear Joe,

Over time, the difference between the two sites is minimal. The latest 30-year snowfall normals for the period from 1991-2020 gives a slight edge to Midway whose 38.8-inch snowfall normal bests O’Hare’s 38.4 inch total by less than one-half inch. This past snow season Midway Airport had significantly more snow receiving 41.5 inches of snow, 8.7 inches more than O’Hare’s 32.8 inches. In the 43 snow seasons since O’Hare became the city’s official site during the winter of 1979-80, Midway has measured more snow in 23 seasons, while O’Hare has led in 20, with the average difference less than five inches. The city’s snowiest winter, 89.7 inches in 1978-79 was officially measured at Midway, with O’Hare logging 83.7 inches, also its largest seasonal total.