October sunshine total to get a boost over weekend with temps following suit

Through the first 3 weeks of October 2022, the month has run colder than normal by nearly 4 degrees with rainfall also lacking, running about 1.5” below normal. Aided by nearly 100% possible sunshine, Friday, with an official high of 76 and low of 43, was the first time in 9 days that temps posted a surplus. Sunshine will be in abundance again Saturday and most of Sunday. With dry, low dew point air in place temps on Saturday are expected to soar to around 80 degrees. Temps peaked in the low 80s across eastern Iowa and west central Illinois on Friday. Gusty SW winds will transport that air into Chicago Saturday, and perhaps again on Sunday, though an increase in clouds may lower readings a few degrees Sunday. This late in the season 80-degree temps are rare. It has been 23 years since the city last recorded an official 80-degree high on or after October 22nd. The latest recorded 80 occurred November 1, 1950, when a high of 81 was observed.