Period of tranquil weather to extend into the weekend

Late October in Chicago often features blustery cold frontal passages and radical changes in temperature. The past 3 years produced late month weather that was anything but pleasant. Last year featured rain and NE winds near 30 mph. In 2020 it was dry, but cold with N winds gusting to 35 mph, and in 2019 gusty N winds preceded snow that accumulated more than 4 inches by Halloween. In contrast, this year promises to be remarkably tranquil during the closing days of October. High pressure is set to settle across the Great Lakes Thursday and remain in place across the region through Saturday. During this period prevailing winds will be predominantly easterly at 10 mph or less. Except for some mid and high-level cloudiness on Thursday, sunshine will dominate area skies. The interlude of pleasant weather is expected to last until Sunday when a system to the south is forecast to bring clouds, a threat of showers, and a modest increase in SE winds.