Months with greatest temp rise and drop in Chicago

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Dear Tom,
In which month is Chicago’s normal daily temperature rise the greatest? And in which month is the drop is greatest?
Mel Stannish, Chicago
Dear Mel,
Chicago’s normal daily temperatures sweep through a range of 51 degrees during the course of their annual cycle, from a peak of 74 degrees in the second week of July (normal daily high of 85 degrees, low of 64 at O’Hare Airport) to a bottom of 23 degrees (high/low of 31/16) during the third week of January. On average, early spring marks the time of the most rapid temperature increase and late autumn the time of the most rapid decrease. Daily normals rise 11 degrees during March, from 32 degrees (high/low of 40/25) on the 1st of the month to 43 degrees (53/34) on the 31st. Daily normals fall 14 degrees in November from 47 degrees (56/35) to 33 (40/26).


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