After 100% sunshine on Tuesday and the mildest readings in 11 days, sunny, mild weather continues Wednesday

Southwest winds and sunshine boost high temps into the mid to upper 50s Wednesday. Wednesday may see a 56-degree high and THANKSGIVING DAY is set to be the mildest Thanksgiving in Chicago in a decade–with a predicted high of 53; warmer than any Thanksgiving here since 2012 when the day produced a 63 degree high. It was 48 degrees on Thanksgiving day last year. The normal Thanksgiving Day high temp is just 53—so we’re in BONUS TERRITORY!

The mild pattern has legs

Each of the coming 9 days, running through Thursday next week, is to post daily temp surpluses—though winds off the Friday afternoon and Saturday may produce a raw chill in lakeshore areas, coming as they will off Lake Michigan.

Observed temperatures Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022: