Dear Tom,

Midway Airport has not recorded a high temperature below 70 degrees since late May. Are we close to a record?

Jeff Laitar

Dear Jeff,

We’re not there yet, but we are getting close. The last day at Midway Airport that failed to reach at least 70 was back on May 27th when the high reached 65 degrees. Through August 31st that string of 70-plus days has reached 96 tying both 1953 and 1954 for site’s the eighth longest string. The record for consecutive days with highs of at least 70 stands at 112 days set back in 2016 from June 8-September 27. If Midway’s high temperatures reach at least 70 through September 16 the record will be tied and broken if the streak extends to at least September 17. Officially, the city’s longest string of 70-degree-plus days is 117, logged at O’Hare Airport back in 2005 from May 29-September 22. During that record 2005 string Midway’s high on September 16 only reached 69 degrees.