Warnings Monday – Winter Storm watches Tue-Wed

As the storm system develops in the Rockies Monday, Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for heavy snow in the mountains – In the Sierras 1-3 feet north and 2 to 5-feet central. Lower elevations below 5000-ft are calling for widespread 6 to 12-inch snowfall (locally higher and lower)- Tuesday-Wednesday as the storm center works it’s way into the central plains, Winter Storm Watches for heavy blowing snows are projected for portions of Montana, the Dakotas and Nebraska.

Rains are forecast to spread out of the plains into the upper Mississippi Valley, Midwest and Great Lakes and Chicago area Tuesday – Wednesday. With warm humid unstable air riding southerly winds severe storms are expected to develop Monday in Texas/Oklahoma and spread east into Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi Tuesday and Alabama/Florida Wednesday.
Stay Tuned….