Late sunrises in the 1970s

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Dear Tom,
During the early 1970s, I remember going to school in the dark in Rockford, Illinois with the sun finally coming up at 8 o’clock. Why the late sunrise?
—Fred Eisenhut, North Aurora
Dear Fred,
In 1974, Congress voted to put the nation on year-round daylight-saving time as an energy-saving tactic, during the Arab oil embargo and the ensuing energy crisis. In Rockford, the year’s latest CST sunrises occur around 7:25 am from late December through early January. With daylight-saving time in effect through the entire year, Rockford’s latest sunrises would have occurred around 8:25 am CDT. In fact, the sunrises occurred at 8am or later from November 26 through February 10. The offset to the late sunrises was more evening daylight with the year’s earliest sunsets occurring in early and mid-December around 5:24 pm CDT.v

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