Sun and 60s for Election Day

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CHICAGO — Chicago’s daily temperature average will finish below normal for a tenth consecutive day Monday, but there is late-season warmth headed this way.

Rochelle ended up in the Greater Chicago area’s “cold spot” Monday morning, logging a morning low of 17 degrees while lows Chicago’s major airports reported the coldest morning in six months as temperatures dropped to 28 degrees.

Overall, October 2020 ended up cool and dry compared to recent 30-year historic norms, according to the National Weather Service in Chicago.

 But there’s a break ahead!

You can look at the 24-hour changes west of us in the Plains to see where Chicago temperatures are headed, as they’re seeing huge increases already, reaching the 60s as of early Monday afternoon.

Mild Pacific air crossing that region is moving eastbound, headed our way here in the Midwest.

Flow become more “zonal” or “westerly aloft sending a stream of MILD PACIFIC AIR across the country–sweeping into Chicago Election Day (tomorrow-Tuesday).

As it moves in, temperatures over the five-day period from Tuesday through the coming weekend are expected to average 12-17 degrees above normal in Chicago.

But a huge trough digging into the West had a major cold outbreak which is to spin up a snowy winter storm in the Rockies and Northern Plains. The colder air this pattern shift introduces into the Lower 48 will likely translate eastward into our area next week.

So strap in! Autumn weather is to take us on quite a ride over the coming two weeks.

Predicted 5-day temp departure from Election Day (tomorrow) through the coming weekend


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