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CHICAGO — Chicago’s lack of snow has certainly been on the minds of many Chicagoans accustomed to shoveling this time of year, but now the snow drought is about  to get serious. The countdown is on for the winter of 2016-17 to establish itself for the longest number of consecutive days without 1” of snow.

The city has not recorded 1″ or more of snow on a calendar day since Dec. 17 some 60 days ago.

Snow records here date back to 1884-85 and suggest the city’s longest string of days without 1″ or more snow on a calendar day during the meteorological winter season (December through February)  is 66 days during  the winter of 1921-22.

With nothing more than flurries expected, a  new benchmark will be established next Wednesday, Feb. 22 making it 67 days without 1” or more of snow.