Is Winnipeg, Canada the coldest city on the planet?

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Dear Tom,

Except for test stations that may be located in the Arctic or Antarctic, is Winnipeg, Canada, the coldest city on the planet?

Alex Grayes

Dear Alex,

With an average annual temperature of 38 degrees, Winnipeg is far from being the coldest city on the Earth. (Chicago’s average annual temperature, by comparison, is about 50 degrees, depending on the location.) Many towns in northern and central Canada and in Alaska are considerably colder, and locations in Siberia are much colder.

Verkhoyansk, in northeastern Siberia (Russia) has an average annual temperature of 5.9 degrees, and is probably the coldest town on Earth, with the exception of locations in Antarctica. On February 5 and also on the 7th, 1892, Verkhoyansk registered a temperature of -90 degrees, its lowest temperature ever.


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