Dear Tom,
I will be moving to Florida in a short time, but with the recent hurricane, I am wondering if I have made a good decision. Is there any spot in Florida that is safe from hurricanes?
Ralph Pladinsky, Cicero

Dear Ralph,
No there is not. ALL of Florida is subject to hurricanes: at the coasts or inland.

Hurricanes can be up to a few hundred miles in diameter, though they are usually smaller than that. But regardless of their size, the conditions that are associated with hurricanes — high winds and flood-producing rains — often spread beyond the areas affected by actual hurricane winds.

Hurricane Ian, the most recent storm to lash portions of Florida, is an example of that. Though much of the damage caused by Ian was from the storm’s winds, heavy rains associated with the storm system produced widespread flooding. Rainfall totals exceeded 20 inches in many areas of central and northeast Florida, not just at coastal locations but inland as well. Rains of this magnitude caused widespread flooding that has persisted well after hurricane conditions had ended.