Is it true that the Greek alphabet will no longer be used to name tropical cyclones?

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Dear Tom,
I’ve heard that Greek alphabet will no longer be used to name tropical cyclones in bonanza seasons. Is that true?
—Richard G., Charleston S.C.
Dear Richard,
It is true. The 2020 hurricane season was just the second season since 1953 when the 21-letter list of names (Q, U,X,Y, and Z are not used) was exhausted and additional storms were named using letters from the Greek alphabet. The Greek alphabet was used for first time in 2005, running through Zeta and the second time in 2020, through Iota. Last March the World Meteorological Organization announced that if more than 21 names are needed in any season, a supplemental list of names would be used. Confusion was cited for the main reason for the change, with more attention given the Greek-letter name, than the severity of the storm. In addition, names like Zeta, Eta, and Theta sounded too similar.

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