Dear Tom,

We’ve had a lot of 90s this summer we’re only halfway through meteorological summer. Are we close to or have we broken a record for the number of days in the 90?

—Bob Paluch, Hickory Hills

Dear Bob,

Despite the numerous hot days so far this summer, Chicago is far from setting any records. Through July 20 O’Hare had officially recorded 11 days of 90 or higher, while Midway has logged 19, a total that included three days with highs in the 100s. The city’s official record for the most days of 90-degrees or higher in a year is 47 set during the drought summer of 1988. That year, Midway logged one more tallying 48. Other Chicago summers with a lot of 90s at the official station include 2012 and 1955, both with 46, and 42 in both 1983 and 1953. Other years with a lot of 90-degree plus days were 1959 with 39, 1952 logged 38 and 1954 counted 36.