Dear Tom,
Chicago is called “The Windy City.”  I once lived in Boston, Massachusetts, and it seemed just as windy there, if not windier. Just how windy is it, actually, in Chicago?
Mel Latis, Chicago

Dear Mel,
It can get windy in Chicago, but the nickname was placed on the city by the New York City press in the late 1880s in reference to our politicians, not to our climate. You are correct to observe that Boston has higher average winds that Chicago. 
Chicago’s average wind speed is 10.5 mph, but higher average wind speeds are registered by cities across the Great Plains, in the eastern U.S. and mountainous locations in the West.  
Dodge City, Kansas has an average wind speed of 14.0 mph; Casper, Wyoming, 12.9 mph; Boston, Mass., 12.5 mph; Honolulu, Hawaii, 11.3 mph; Kansas City, Missouri, 10.8 mph. The windiest location in the United States rests with Mount Washington, New Hampshire, at an elevation of 6,288 FT, with an average wind speed of 35.3 mph.