How often does Alabama record triple-digit heat and the nation’s highest temp?

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Dear Tom,

In recent days Alabama has recorded triple-digit heat and the nation’s highest temperature. How often does this happen?

Frank VanderPloeg

Dear Frank,
The answer is almost never! Unprecedented, record-breaking heat has gripped much of the South in October’s opening days, shattering hundreds of high-temperature records. Alabama cities have led the nation with triple-digit highs from October 1-5, with the highest reading of 105 at Vaiden on October 2. Alabama seldom achieves the nation’s highest temperature, since the hottest weather there typically occurs in the heart of summer, when temperatures in the Desert Southwest are approaching 120 degrees. Many southern cities recorded their first-ever October 100s, including Raleigh, Chattanooga, Athens and Augusta, Georgia, and Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Birmingham and Huntsville, all in Alabama.


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