How many snowfalls did we have this winter?

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Dear Tom,

The Farmers’ Almanac spouts weather lore stating the date of the first snow, will be the number of snowfalls for the season. Last season our first snow was on October 30, so according to the weather lore, we were to have 30 snows. How many did we have?

Diana Hail

Dear Diana,

While there is absolutely no truth to this weather lore, it is fun to look at, and this past season actually worked out well. The city’s first measurable snow (0.1+ inches) was on October 30, and there were 29 measurable snowfalls.  However, if true, no season could have more than 31 snow events, and Chicago has surpassed that total on numerous occasions, led by the 1961-62 snow season with 53 events. In the 1966-67 season, the first snow was on November 2 and the total number of snows that season was 36 and included the city’s biggest snowstorm, the 23.0 inch Big Snow of January 26-27, 1967.  


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