Dear Tom,

Through March 6, Chicago has already registered 16 days with highs in the 50s, but no 60s.  How do each of those stats compare to historical averages?

Pat Byrne Hoffman Estates

Dear Pat,

We had Chicago climatologist and weather historian Frank Wachowski check the city’s weather archives dating back to 1871, and in a typical year, the city has logged just five days with highs of at least 50 degrees through March 6. This year’s total of 16 is one of the highest, topped only by 25 days in 1880 and 17 in 2017 and tied with 1876 also with 16. In regard to days of 60 or higher, the typical number through March 6 is one. The greatest number of days of 60 or higher was nine in 2017, followed by eight in 2000 and seven in 1976.