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Dear Tom:
With the summer solstice occurring on June 20, I was wondering; how many compass degrees north of due west does the sun set on that day?
Thanks, James A. Byrne Lansing

Dear James,
Chicago experiences a sunset directly in the west twice a year on the spring and fall equinoxes. On those days, the sun also rises directly in the east and if the weather is clear, east-west travel is difficult as the sun’s rays, shining directly down the streets, make it difficult for drivers to see (Chicagohenge). The greatest offset from those directions occurs on the solstices. On the summer solstice around June 21, the sun sets about 33 degrees north of west and rises about 33 degrees north of east. On the winter solstice around Dec. 21, the rising sun breaks the horizon about 32 degrees south of east and sets about 32 degrees south of west.