How many Chicago Christmas Days were graced with snow cover?

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Dear Tom,

Examining Chicago’s Christmas Day snow cover for the 1901-25, 1926-50, 1951-75, 1976-2000, and 2001-20 periods, how many in each were graced with snow cover?

Thanks, Tom Gregg, Niles 

Dear Tom,

Chicago’s long-term percentage of having a white Christmas (at least one inch of snow on the ground) stands at about 45 percent. Breaking it down into the suggested quarter-century brackets, the period from 1901-25 had 13, 1926-50: 10, 1951-75: 17, 1975-2000: 10, and the current 20-year period from 2001-20 had 7. The city’s last was white Christmas in 2017 when two inches of snow covered the ground. The clear leader was the period from 1951-1975, with nearly 70 percent meeting the criterion. In fact, during the 1960s, only Christmas 1966 failed to qualify. Chicago’s “whitest” Christmas was in 1951 when 17 inches of snow covered the ground.

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