How long has it been since Chicago logged a 100-degree temperature?

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Dear Tom,
It’s been quite a while since Chicago logged a 100-degree temperature? How long has it been?
—Monica, West Dundee
Dear Monica,
It’s been nearly nine years since the city reached an official triple-digit temp, when a high of 103 was recorded on July 6, 2012. It was the last of four that summer, the first a high of 100 on June 28, followed by highs of 102 and pair of 103s on July 4-6. The city’s only other 100-degree high this century was 102 during Lollapalooza on July 24, 2005. Dating to 1871, Chicago has logged just 65 triple-digit days, with the 1988 drought summer scoring the most with seven. The city’s earliest-in-the year 100 was a high of 102 on June 1, 1934, and the latest, 100 degrees on Sept. 7, 1960. Chicago’s all-time official highest temperature was 105 on July 24, 1934, but though not official, Midway recorded 109 degrees the day before.

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