How long did Dorian travel and was that a record?

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Dear Tom,
How long did Dorian travel and was that a record?
Ken Shapiro Chicago
Dear Ken,
Dorian became a named tropical cyclone storm on August 24 and finally lost its tropical characteristics 15 days later on September 7. However, that was far from the all-time longevity record of 31 days established by Hurricane/Typhoon John that roamed the Pacific in 1994. John formed off southern Mexico on Aug. 11 and strengthened to a 175 m.p.h. Category 5 storm on Aug. 23. Continuing west, it crossed the dateline on Aug. 28 and was reclassified as Typhoon John. Eleven days later, the storm, now moving eastbound, once again crossed the dateline and regained its hurricane title before it finally dissipated in the North Pacific on Sept. 11. Two Atlantic hurricanes lasted for 28 days-the San Ciriaco Hurricane in 1899 and Hurricane Ginger in 1971.


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