How does this unusually humid summer 2021 compare to recent summers?

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Dear Tom,
This summer seems to be unusually humid. How does it compare to recent summers?
—Margaret Robertson Chicago
Dear Margaret,
This summer will be more humid than normal. With the help of Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski, we analyzed the annual number of days O’Hare airport with dew points of 70 or higher back to 1959, and found the city has averaged about 30 days each year when dew points reached the uncomfortable 70 threshold. The totals ranged from 53 days in 2002 to just 10 in 2009. The city’s first 70 dew point typically arrives in May, and the last in September. July typically hosts the most muggy days, averaging 11. The city’s muggiest month was August 1995, logging 26 days with 70-plus dew points. To date, the number of muggy days this year has already reached 32. Last year the city logged 33 days, and 24 in 2019.

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