How did the November 1975 storm that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior affect Chicago?

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Dear Tom,
I was reading an article about the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. How did that terrible storm affect Chicago?

Bob Crossley
Dear Bob,
It Nov. 10, 1975, that the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a legendary late autumn storm on Lake Superior. As cold air swept across the lake in the storm’s wake, winds reached 80-90 mph, equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane. The winds generated waves 25-30 feet high that proved too much for the ship, which took its crew of 29 to a watery grave. Initially, Chicago was in the warm sector of the storm and experienced rain and thunderstorms. Gusty south winds to 46 mph boosted the mercury to unseasonably warm levels in the upper 60s and lower 70s, but temperatures crashed in the wake of the storm into the lower 30s, bringing the city its first measurable snowfall.


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