Dear Tom,
I recall back in the 90s International Falls, Minnesota being the hottest in the nation? How could that happen?

Thanks, Adrian Marquez, Oak Park

Dear Adrian,

It’s very rare, but it has happened. Back in mid-June 1995, a hot air dome was situated over the northern Plains and Upper Midwest with temperatures there peaking around 100 degrees. At the same time cooler conditions, a result of clouds and some precipitation kept readings lower in the normally hot areas across the South and the Desert Southwest. With places like Williston, North Dakota hitting 100 and International Falls 99, temperatures in Florida, Texas, Nevada and southern California were only in the 80s. On several days, the nation’s only readings of 90-degrees and higher were confined to the northern Plains and the Midwest. Chicago recorded five days in the 90s and two highs of 89 during the June 14-20, 1995 period.