Dear Tom,

How cloudy was April 2022 compared to a normal April? Seems as if the sun had a lot of trouble this year.

—Rich Bartecki

Dear Rich,

A “lot of trouble” is an understatement. With numbers “hot off the press”, Chicago climatologist and keeper of the city’s sunshine data, Frank Wachowski, reports that April 2022 was able to muster just 34 percent of its possible sunshine, tying 1953 for the city’s second cloudiest April, based on records dating back to 1893. Chicago’s cloudiest April occurred just 11 year ago in 2011 with just 32 percent of possible sunshine. Normal April sunshine is 51 percent. Wachowski noted that the month logged six totally sunless days and another six with less than 20 percent of the possible sunshine. The month’s sunniest days were April 10 And 14, each recording 88 percent of possible sunshine.