Tuesday’s hot and humid weather was an official record breaker in the Chicago area.

While readings at O’Hare Airport fell just short, the 92 degree high at Midway Airport breaks a record for May 10. (It reached 91° in 2011).

Only five years since records began there in 1928 have been this warm this early in the season.

Thunderstorms may follow Tuesday night, moving into part of the area from Wisconsin with lake winds to cool the area (especially lakeside counties) temporarily in their wake wed; warmth & humidity to resurge later this week.

It’s the first afternoon of 2022 to qualify as “hot, humid,” one with high temps topping 90 and a muggy dew point–dew points provide a measure of atmospheric moisture—which tops 70-degrees.

It’s been just under eight months since such a temp/dew point combo has been observed in Chicago. The last official 90-deg temp observed in the city was the 92-deg reading last August 28.

A temp of 90 would tie the 2011 record for May 10–and that appears within reach. Anything higher than 90-deg would establish a new record high for May 10. And anything higher than 91-deg would represent the hottest temp to occur this early in Chicago in the 42 years since 1980.

Probability of the severe weather mode–i.e. will it come as wind, large hail or even tornadoes??

Storms possible Tuesday night

Storms to flare in Wisconsin then possibly drop into portions of the Chicago area Tuesday night. Not everyone will see them, but where they occur–especially in northern counties along the Wisconsin line—strong winds, hail and even a isolated tornado may spin up.

Interactive Radar: Track Showers & Storms here

The period we’re watching closest is 10 p.m. CST Tuesday through 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. Thankfully it is not the period of greatest heating (heat supports t-storms)–but still one in which at least some active, possibly severe thunderstorms may hold together.

While chances for severe weather are less limited Tuesday night than in some set-ups, those chances are definitely notw zero. The NWS Storm Prediction Center assesses severe weather chances as “MARGINAL” here and “SLIGHT” to our north in Wisconsin.

Full forecast details and more at the WGN Weather Center blog

A bit cooler on Wednesday

What amounts to a “back door” cold front sags southward with the overnight storms and turns winds off Lake Michigan, cooling Wednesday’s temps and dropping humidifies a bit for a day–though warm, humid air is to resurge in the Thursday/Friday time frame.

We’ve been indicating for the past week it appears Wednesday will see winds shift off the lake bringing some of the cool air which hovers above the lake into the Chicago area—-and nowhere more than in the counties adjacent to the lake in Illinois, Wisconsin and parts of northwest Indiana. So there will be noticeably cooler temps Wednesday and humidifies will drop as well. If you reside well inland Wednesday, warmth and humidity will continue.

Chicagoans Enjoy The May Heat Wave

Warmer weather will last the week

Indications warmth and humidity may resurge Thursday afternoon into Friday

Just how extensive the resurgence will be remains to be seen. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see sections of the area back in tropical air with its elevated temps and humidifies at that time. Cooling with a noticeable drop in humidity rides in Sunday and Monday.