Dear Tom,

Has the city ever recorded measurable snowfall after the spring season’s first 80?

Thanks, Larry Keegan

Dear Larry,

It sure has. Just two years ago in 2020, the mercury reached 80 degrees on April 7, which was followed by 1.7 inches of snow on April 15 and an additional 3 inches on April 17. In 2019, it hit 80 on April 22 and five days later 2.5 inches of snow fell on April 27. Longtime Chicago residents are well aware that an unseasonably warm spring day does not signal the end of winter snowfall. Since 1884, there have been 11 years that recorded March 80s and six of those years produced additional snowfall. In 1910, the city received nearly 7 inches of snow following 81(degrees) on March 27, and in 1974, almost 5 inches of snow fell following the city’s earliest 80 on March 3.