Has the Chicago area ever had an earthquake, and if so, when?

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Dear Tom,
Has the Chicago area ever had an earthquake, and if so, when?
Stephen Verhaeren Palos Park
Dear Stephen,
Minor earthquakes occur every few years in the Chicago area, most of them barely are noticeable and cause little, if any, damage. A 2.9 magnitude quake, centered in the northwest suburbs near Lake-in-the Hills was felt in March of 2015 and a 3.8 inch quake was centered near Sycamore on February 2, 2010. On June 10, 1987 a 5.1 tremor, centered near downstate Lawrenceville, was felt in the Chicago area and caused noticeable shaking to many Chicago high rises. One of Chicago’s most noticeable quakes took place on November 9, 1968 when a 5.4 magnitude event occurred, centered on the New Madrid fault east of St. Louis, near the Indiana border. That quake was felt in portions of 23 states extending from the southern Plains to the Atlantic Seaboard and north into eastern Canada.

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