Dear Tom,

June marks the start of meteorological summer. Has June ever been the hottest month of the year?

—Virgil Coventry

Dear Virgil,

It’s very unusual, but it has happened three times in Chicago, dating back to 1871. Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski checked and found that June was the year’s warmest month in 1933, 1967, and 1971. The average June temperature in 1933 was 76.2 degrees, besting July’s 75.6 and August’s 71.5. It’s the city’s warmest June and logged 10 days of 90+ that included two 100s. In 1967, June averaged 71.4, beating runner-up July with 70.6 and August with 69.2. While June was barely above normal, July and August were quite cool. In 1971, June averaged 75.8 versus July’s 72.6 and August’s 72.4. It was the city’s second warmest June and featured 13 days of 90+ that included two days with triple-digit heat.