Has Chicago experienced any significant weather from the remnants of a hurricane?

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Dear Tom,

Has Chicago experienced any significant weather from the remnants  of a hurricane?

Thanks, Bob Johnson Buffalo Grove

Dear Bob,

On at least 17 occasions since 1900, remnant low-pressure systems from tropical cyclones have passed within about 100 miles of Chicago.  Some, like the remnants of Hurricane Carla in September 1961, battered Chicago with torrential rain (5+ inches) and strong winds (49 mph), while others produced just clouds or light showers. The city’s heaviest rains from dying tropical cyclones fell on Sept. 12-14, 2008, when the combined remnants of Atlantic Hurricane Ike and Pacific Tropical Storm Lowell delivered more than 8.50 inches of flooding rains. Another tropical origin flooding episode occurred on August 4-5, 1989 when the remnants of Hurricane Chantal brought nearly 4.25 inches of rain and wind gusts to 32 mph to the Chicago area.

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