Frequency of rainfall on June 10

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Dear Tom, I was born in Chicago on June 10, 1944. It seems that it rains more often than not on my birthday. Do the records support that?

Carol Zilic, Naperville

Dear Carol,
Actually, they don’t. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski checked June 10 rainfall records back to 1944 and found that measurable rain fell in 29 of 76 years or 38% of the time. By comparison May 11 (50%) and April 20 (51%) are the only dates that have logged measurable precipitation in half of more of the years since 1944. Your first birthday was one of the wettest with 1.76 inches falling in 1945. The date’s heaviest rain occurred in 1967 when 2.94 inches soaked the city. Your wet perception is likely a result of more recent birthdays. Since 2000, measurable rain has occurred in 11 of the 20 years, including from 2002-2006. In 2014, 1.26 inches fell and 1.34 was logged in 2018.


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