Fewer hail incidents in the state of Michigan?

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Dear Tom,
My son recently told me that the state of Michigan rarely experiences hail. Is this so?

Scott Bentley, Woodstock

Dear Scott,
While Michigan has a lower hail incidence than portions of the Great Plains and the eastern slopes of the Rockies, it still receives its fair share. Hail, a significant thunderstorm hazard, is directly related to thunderstorm frequency across the state, highest in the southern Lower Peninsula and lowest in the north and the Upper Peninsula. Damaging hail has occurred in every part of the state. Just last month the state logged 33 reports of 1-2 inch diameter hail on April 8, and large hail piled up 18 inches deep in Kalamazoo County on August 14, 2019. The state’s largest reported hail, 4.5 inches in diameter (softball size), fell in portions of southern Michigan on July 26, 1978 and March 27, 1991.


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