Major winter storm sweeps across the Midwest


Late Friday, low pressure was moving northeast from Oklahoma, spreading heavy snow, rain, and severe thunderstorms into the Midwest. As of 6 PM Friday, at least 30 reports of large hail and tornadoes were received from Missouri to Texas. This energetic storm will track across the lower Ohio river early Saturday, before lifting across Indiana. Given this motion, heavy rain across much of the metro area will transition to snow, with several inches of accumulation likely. Timing of this change over is critical to how much snow accumulates. West and north portions of the metro area can expect rain or freezing rain to mix with sleet and snow early in the day before becoming all snow in the afternoon. From the city, south and east, this transition will take place Saturday evening. As a result, accumulations of 6-10 inches to the northwest are expected to taper to about an inch to the south.


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