A brief flurry for late-starting snow season

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Through Friday the city had officially logged just 0.1 inches of snow, making this season one of the 10 slowest-starting snow seasons on record dating back to the 1884-85 winter. Saturday should dawn snowy as a fast-moving weather system moves in from the northwest. While the city and areas west should get no more than an inch or two of snow, amounts should increase substantially to the east as lake-effect kicks in with totals ranging from 3 to 8 inches or more in areas from Porter County east into southwest lower Michigan where winter storm warnings have been posted. Cold weather will continue through the upcoming week in the wake of the snow, but other than additional lake-effect snow in the usual northwest Indiana and lower Michigan snow belts, no significant snow is expected in the Chicago area. Such was north the case in the South where 6 to more than 15 inches of snow targeted areas from Texas to the Carolinas.


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