Dear Tom,

Does precipitation in Chicago fall more frequently on weekends than during the week?

Rolando Cortez, Chicago

Dear Rolando,

The short answer: Precipitation in Chicago falls neither more nor less frequently on any given day of the week.

We checked precipitation records at Chicago’s Midway Airport during the period from 1929 through 2021, the period for which there are precipitation records from January 1 through December 31. During that 93 year period, measurable precipitation (0.01 inch or greater) fell on either 33 percent or 34 percent of the days.

The results of the precipitation scan revealed the following: Measurable precipitation on…

  • Sunday: 33% of the days
  • Monday: 33%
  • Tuesday: 34%
  • Wednesday: 33%
  • Thursday: 33%
  • Friday: 34%
  • Saturday: 33%

A bad experience with weekend weather can dominate our remembrance of past events. A weekend picnic washed out by a cloudburst, for example, will likely be remembered more than a similar event that came off without a hitch.