Did the lowest official temperature in Chicago this September of 53 degrees set a record?

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Dear Tom

The lowest official temperature in Chicago this September was 53 degrees. Did that set a record?

Pat Byrne
Hoffman Estates,
Alexander Zazi

Dear Pat and Alexander,

This September’s low of just 53 degrees, recorded early in the evening on the 28th, just missed establishing a record for the month’s lack of chill. The city’s warmest minimum for any September was 55 degrees on September 30, 1906, edging out runner-up 1925’s lowest of 54 reached on both the 21st and 25th. We asked Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski to check the record books, and he noted that, dating back to 1871, only 13 Septembers failed to record a temperature below 50 degrees. The last occurrence was back in 2016 with the month’s low of 50 on the 28th.



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